Our expertise in custom formulation development is a critical differentiator and we will help you to identify the right mix of ingredients and the optimal delivery system for your skin & hair care products. Our formulation process is systematically analyzed, controlled and tested to ensure product effectiveness & success. Our experts have the ability to turn your concept into a reality with our extensive R&D, the Bespoke Manufacturing facilities, Knowledge & Science in Korea.


We formulate and produce our own branded products for private label, Revov can also provide you with Private Labelling & Custom Formulation services to develop your own products either by having one of our products under your brand name or by formulating a totally new product from scratch. While you can serve your patients, we assist you to take your private labelled product to the next level and cut all the hassle and get you started as soon as possible. Our design services include logo, label, and package creation for your unique business. Let our professional private label designers help you develop product brand that speaks for you.


Formulation, tableting, encapsulation, powder, serum and cream and so on. We can offer full services of contract manufacturing/private labeling of Pharmaceutical, Skin-care & Injectable. We have access to a long list of patented formulas and can also support your specific custom product development needs. Our scientists and group of doctors are constantly involved in research and development to find better formulas and higher quality ingredients to improve products quality. Using the latest advance technologies, offering quality assurance testing, project development and contract manufacturing solutions based on our customers’ needs in state-of-the-art production and manufacturing facilities, all implementing GMP and in full compliance with KFDA regulations, furthermore, we continue to strive for excellence and maintain a high level of quality control with all that we do.


We are proud to offer a packaging and labeling service and sourcing for all of our products, providing our customers with the proper services they need. We provide graphic designing services of product labels & packages as needed by our customers.


Our Research & Development teams are the key behind the science in our products and are keen to develop & formulate the latest ingredients technologies to ensure that our products are leading in the market & to keep up with the changing trends in the industry.