Total Professional Beauty System

What is Triplebody?

Triplebody is an innovative total skin & body care system that has RF (Radio Frequency), MF & LF (Middle Frequency & Low Frequency), and 635nm Diode Laser functions in one device.

  • Operates MF + RF + Laser simultaneously
  • 8 Selective pads that can be applied to almost any body part
  • Simultaneous treatment with 8 pads
  • Individual waveforms and level adjustments on each 8 pads
  • Built-in temperature sensor – automatically OFF function
  • Minimum side effect easy treatment


Radio Frequency

By transferring RF energy into the deep skin layer, collagen generation is accelerated, which improves wrinkles and skin elasticity.

Middle/Low Frequency

Offers 6 types of different waveforms and 4 preset program modes


When irradiate low output laser on fat area using 635nm diode, the structure of fat cells changes and become easy for lipolysis, then it is effective for decreasing fat cells and cellulite.

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