Alopecia Areata

  • It can involve scalp, beard, or other hair-bearing
  • It is widely regarded as an organ-specific autoimmune response (an activityof the immune system)
  • Alopecia Totalis

    Total loss of scalp hair – same as Alopecia Areata but more severe condition.

    Diffuse Alopecia (Telogen Effluvium)

    It is the name given to an acquired non-specific hair loss characterized by a gradual or sudden reduction in hair-shaft density per square centimetres over the entire scalp region.

    Hairdressing Neglience & Hair Loss

    Negligent hairdressing procedures are capable of initiating levels of hair loss by:
    Epilation – the forced extraction of the hair-shaft from its host follicle. This trauma may cause the follicle to miniaturize and thereafter produce a finer shorter hair-shaft, or to the follicle may survive to create a normal hair-shaft. The worst scenario being destruction of the follicle and permanent loss of that hair.

    Hair Regeneration Program Advantages

    1. Suppression of DHT production by blocking 5αR1
    2. Promotes keratinocyte differentiation in hair follicles (TGF-β2 & β1inhibition)
    3. Promote the differentiation of hair root and the binding of inner/outer sheath and hair (suppression of TGF-β2 & β1-normalization of growthcycle)
    4. Prevention of blood vessel narrowing, smooth blood flow to the hair follicle(nutrition supply)
    5. Promoting the activation of the hair papilla and follicular connectivetissues
    6. Elimination of scalp residues and enhancement ofelasticity
    7. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory action and normalizing of sebumsecretion
    8. Suppression and restoration of hair cuticledamage