Cytokine for hair loss inhibition and hair

  • It can involve scalp, beard, or other hair-bearing
  • It is widely regarded as an organ-specific autoimmune response (an activityof the immune system)

[Harmful cytokine]

Negative cytokines to destroy hair follicles and cause hair loss

BMP, DKK-1, TGF-β, etc.

[Beneficial cytokine]

Positive cytokines to maintains hair growth by proliferating and differentiating hair follicle cells :

Noggin, KGF, IGF-1, bFGF, SCF, VEGF, HGF, PDGF-A, Thymosin B4

Hair Growth Stimulation, Anti Hair Loss

Summary : Key Ingredient’s Role

  1. Suppression of HairLoss
    • Noggin(BMP antagonist): DHT-induced BMP inhibits the activation of DKK-1, inhibits the destruction of hair follicles, activates the signal of Wnt to promote stem cell & to differentiate hair cell & to promote
  2. Promotes hair growth and regulates hair growthcycle
    • KGF(KGF7: Keratinocyte Growth Factor): promotes the growth and differentiation of keratinocytes to produce new hair, and protects keratinocyte by preventing cell damage caused by chemotherapy or
    • SCF (Stem Cell Factor): promotes differentiation of stem cells and progenitor cells to promote hair growth. Improved black hair by controlling the proliferation and growth of
    • IGF (insulin-like Growth Factor): acts as a growth hormone and is involved in the formation of tissues such as bones, muscles, and nerves. It also helps new blood vessels to regenerate the cell,, enhance keratinocyte proliferation, to maintain
    • HGF(Hepatocyte Growth Factor): induces new blood vessel formation, promotes hair
    • VEGF (Vascular endothelial Growth Factor): increases plasma protein permeability of capillaries to promote cell division and migration, promote neovascularization, and maintain blood vessels. Increase the diameter and distribution of hair by increasing blood vessel size and distribution of dermal papilla
    • bFGF (basic Fibroblast Growth Factor): promotes the growth of collagen and elastin, promotes hair growth, promotes the development of dermal papilla cell and the production of new blood
    • PDGF-A(Platelet Derived Growth Factor-alpha): helps increase fibroblast proliferation and increase hyaluronic acid, collagen production
    • Thymosin-B4: helps to create new blood vessels, and promote the movement of keratinocytes and hair follicle stem
  3. Suppression and protection of hair cell damage due to stress & activeoxygen
    • SOD (Superoxide Dismutase): enzyme removing superoxide, protects hair follicles and stimulates hair
    • Thymosin-B4: inhibition of inflammation induced by external stress 외부스트레스에 의한염증유발억제.
  4. Multi-nutrients(Energy metabolism incells)

Energy metabolism of multi-nutrient cells composed of vitamin B complex (Panthenol, Biotin, etc), amino acids (lysine, arginine, methionine, cysteine, etc), two minerals (Cu-peptide, Zinc, etc). Supply the necessary nutrients.

Growth Factor : Kinds and Functions




(Keratinocyte Growth Factor)

stimulates keratinocyte growth & proliferation


(Epidermal GF)

Stimulates the growth of various epidermal and epithelial tissues and of some fibroblasts in cell


(Insulin-like Growth Factor)

helps vascularization and stimulates keratinocyte proliferation


(Vascular Endothelial GF)


helps cell division and migration, stimulates vascularization


(Stem Cell Factor)

stimulates proliferation of stem cell & precursor cell


(alpha Fibroblast GF)

Increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin to improve skin elasticity and to regenerate aged tissue. Has a wound healing effect and induces angiogenesis


(Transforming β1 GF)

Growth hormone involved in the formation of bones, muscles, nerves and other body tissue. Aids in angiogenesis to improve cell regeneration and control the proliferation keratinocytes


(Transforming β3 GF)


Affects fibroblasts to control the proliferation of keratinocyte


(Superoxide dismutase)


Enzyme removing superoxide, protects dermal cells



TRX is the most effective and strongest bio-antioxidant contained in most of cells. It helps relieve oxidative stress in aged skin to keep it young and healthy, and is a very effective growth factor for the protection of hair damaged in various ways.



Aquaporins are a water channel present in the cell membrane, a direct pathway through which extracellular water molecules enter the cell. AQP enable the distribution of proper moisture inside and outside the cell and help to maintain intracellular moisturization and keep the skin moisturized.

Professional Treatment Hair Shampoos


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