Cause of Problem

  • Excessive oil and other residue of tissue waste accumulate at bottom of the follicle. It slows down the blood circulation,inhibit nutrient supply and absorption.
  • Follicles entrance blockage by the sebum, oil build up andtriggers to be inflamed by germs and bacteria. It affects oil gland normal activity and imbalanced to secret excessive oil which worsen the scalp condition to be more inflamed and the follicle function abnormally slowed down and progressed to telogen 
  • As oil contains testosterone and follicle has an enzyme 5αR. When they combine in the follicle, the 5αR will convert the testosterone to another very potent androgen, we call it Dihydrotestosteroneor “DHT”.
  • DHT affect the matrix cell proliferate and causing the hairroot become weaker and weaker
  • How DHT Affected


    DHT will binds to the receptor site make the hair roots become weaker and weaker until hair root dead this is how baldness begins. The Sensitivities of the receptor site normally is genetically by the family member, it can be over 5 generations.

    Hair Thinning Progression Diagram

    1. Normal hair can grow 3-6years
    2. Over secretion and activation ofDHT
    3. DHT will affect hair grow slow down and shorter inlifespan
    4. Majority of hairs enter the resting stage, the hair metabolism will becomeimbalanced,

      at the same time hair will become thinner and sparser

    5. When the situation worsen, the weak hair can only stays for couple ofweeks
    6. Unfortunately each hair roots only have around 25 times of regeneration cycle.
    7. When they finished the hair roots dead there is no possibility to regrowth hair

    Other Hair Loss Factors